CRA Credit & More

If you are looking to invest in the New Entrepreneurs Opportunity Fund there are many reasons get involved.

Whether you are a bank looking to cover your CRA requirements, an NGO, or the SBA - when you invest, you are investing in your community.

Because the NEO Fund is central to the people it serves there is very little breakage investment due to the rapport built in each relationship and the proximity to each investment. We are made of the people we have invested in and have grown accordingly.

We continue to work and learn with Briquettes Smokehouse, Harbor Perk, Whippy Dip, Heath’s Marketplace, Geneva Spinal Clinic, Mary’s Kitchen, Beaches Jewelers, Framed On Main, Unguentarii, and many others.

The strength of these investments and relationships gain for our organization and investors, but most importantly Ashtabula County.

If you would like to make a donation or contribute to NEO Fund in some way please contact us by reaching out through the form on our contact page.

  • Harbor Perk
  • Beaches Boutique